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The Nuts & Bolts of Awarding!
Now nearing it’s 10th anniversary, the AO-Forum is an annual conference which attracts 100-150 delegates each spring. The aim of the AO-forum is to provide pragmatic, down-to-earth advice to awarding bodies. Many of our speakers are senior AO practitioners who discuss their own projects, processes and experiences with a view to sharing best practice with their peers. We believe that it is also important to hear the latest news from the regulatory bodies and our conferences always feature key representatives from Ofqual, ESFA and other industry bodies.


The AO-Forum is run by:

Gordon Associates – the leading specialists in the field of software services to awarding organisations and EPA organisations.
For further information see www.gordonassociates.co.uk
For further information about our market-leading awarding organisation system, Parnassus, see www.parnassusonline.com
For further information about Talus, our software system for EPAOs, see www.ga-talus.com

The chair of the AO-Forum is Rod Gordon and he can be contacted at rod@gordonassociates.co.uk

Please make sure you have read our cancellation policy before booking events.